So here it is. Our first blog!

You catch us at a time of baby wipes, nappies and night time feeds. But enough of Ste’s off-stage shenanigans. If you didn’t know (and why not??!?!) Kirsty is currently on maternity leave after giving birth to her first born.

Her last weekend of gigs in August included the awesome wedding of Tara and Mark at West Tower, Aughton. We’d played there many moons ago and it’s a gorgeous venue. It was truly one of the epic Midnight Cats’ nights with endless dancing and singing with the guests. The dancefloor was so full we had dancers spilling on to the stage area which just added to the fun.

Second up was Hannah’s 40th in the wilds of Staffordshire in her barn. Or a cattle shed. Or a stable! Immaculate birth? Well, we did have a Joseph with us… Anyway, Steve and Joe managed to climb the bales of hay and rock out with the kids mid-set. I say managed but in all honesty, Steve was caught out by a squidgy bale and giggled his way crawling to the top.

We made sure Kirsty was suitably teary with our presents for the new kitten as well. :-)

While Kirsty is away we have the very talented Olivia filling in and she’s slotted in very well indeed. She’s been introduced to the legendary Midnight Cats’ diversions roulette and lashing rain at 2am that Moses would have trouble parting.

The Gods of Apt told us to learn Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September’ in September which we lurrrve playing at the moment. There’s a prize if you can guess how Ste gets those high notes.

YEEHAW! There was also our first western themed birthday party for Hannah outside Stone, Staffordshire!!! Obviously, we excelled at the dressing up as we always do and Joe said I’d aced it with an impressive set of burns and whiskers if I don’t mind saying so myself.

As ever, photos galore of our antics on Facebook. Tag yourself and spread the word!

We’re back at Hogans of Hale on Saturday 15th October and Granvilles of Stone on Friday 16th December so put them in your diary and see you there!

By the way, support your local businesses – Love To Sew of Westhoughton do a very quick service if you rip your trousers.